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11.27.18Emma Parker

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09.20.18Mckenzie Herrin


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12.01.17Lee Gabe

Hi John, tried to contact you via facebook. I am looking for a saxophonist with tracks for a gig in Jax on Dec 7th from 6-8PM. I don't have any contacts up in your area accept for Bill Prince. Was wondering if you are interested or could provide me with some contacts for players that could do this type of gig.
My number is 954-562-2605
Thank you!

01.21.17Harley Galeano

Hey there Mr. Ricci,

I hope this was the best way to reach you. I am a student at Palm Beach State College. I am interested in applying and auditioning for music at Jacksonville University but I have a couple of questions and I wasn't sure who to talk to. I will be visiting your school this coming week for the Symposium, so hopefully I will get to meet you personally. You can reach me at the email above and my number is 561-543-1698. Hope to talk to you soon!

Harley Galeano

07.02.16Bob Watkins


Noah has interest in a baritone sax. What do you think of the linked?

04.26.16shawn perkinson

Hi John. It's been many years. I would love to talk to you. Please call when you get a moment.423-614-8387

04.19.16Ben Grier

Hello Mr. Ricci,
My name is Ben Grier, I'm a saxophonist at UF and your name came up through Tom Llinus at Great Southern Music. I have a Super Action 80 Series 2 Bari for sale and was wondering if you know anyone in the market for a pro bari. I currently am looking for $5,000 for it, but I am reasonably flexible if it means the horn will move. My number is 386-984-0155 and my website is Bengrierjazz.com. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your time!

03.12.15Saul Alcineus

Our non profit organization, Blessed Seed Christian Outreach Ministry, is planning its 2nd annual school supplies and tuition program fundraising gala to benefit school children in Haiti, and we would like the JU Jazz Band to come and play for the Gala. The date is July 11, 2015.

Please let us know if your band is willing and available .

Saul Alcineus Jr.
904 982-4150

02.10.15Steven Parker

I am throwing a birthday party for a friend of mine and would like to have a saxophonist play happy birthday and maybe another song this Thursday at Brio in the Town Center around 7:30pm/8:00pm. I figured I would contact a few music departments to see if a student Or faculty might be interested in doing this for pay.

Do you have anyone in mind who might be interested?

Steven R. Parker

01.07.15Joe Montelione

Hi John:

Would you have any students interested in this gig?

25th Annual Putnam Cty Spelling Bee
Joe Montelione, Musical Director
Kevin Covert, Director

Venue: Douglas Anderson School

Pay: 300$


Rehearsal: February 1 1pm-4pm
Rehearsal: February 2: 330-630pm
Rehearsal: February 3: 330-630pm
Show: Feb 4: 730pm
Show Feb 5 5pm and 730pm
Show: Feb 6 5pm and 730pm
Show: Feb 7: 730pm

Gig: Play reed book (doubles alto sax, clarinet and flute)

Also looking for a Drummer

I thought with your association with JU you\'d know plenty of students that might want a gig like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Joe Montelione



05.28.14James Wright

Mr. Ricci, I hope you can help me. I attempted to contact a Mr. Giddens listed as Jazz Piano, but the site was no longer up. I'm looking for a pianist to hire for a minimum of one hour once a month. Someone that can read, play, and transpose music very well. The music is mainly Standards, Ballads, Love Song, and an occaisional Spirtual song. If you know of someone capable and that may be interested, please have them contact me via the email or 904-303-9897.

02.04.14Matt Emmel

Hi John, its been a long time. I dont know if you remember me, but I'm looking for advice (possibly a buyer) on a mark vi tenor I just got. Its serial number is 69XXX. Its definitely one of the first 14,000 out of the 300,000 that were made. It has 95% original laquer, and has every original part. I'm not sure if the neck is the original, but I was wondering what it might be worth to sell it or buy it for. It's the most comfortable and most beautiful sounding horn I've ever played. I just don't think I can afford it, which is unfortunate because I've been waiting for most of my musical career to come across one, and this one seems to be a very rare find for its date and its condition. Any suggestions or opinions?
You can email me at mattemmel@hotmail.com or call me any time on my cell 904-806-3387, or at my work (Sterry Piano Company in St. Augustine) 904-829-9829
Thanks John,
Matt Emmel

01.24.14Paul Westlake

Hey John, Looks like things are going great for you. EXCELLENT WORK! I am back in JAX. I don't play upright any longer. My style is quite different than when I was here AND out of practice as I have a day gig as an IT specialist (yawn). I hope to see you soon.
Paul - 864-423-5676

P.S. - On the discography page you have Peter Miles as PATER Miles.


Hi John,
My name is Kevin from Bridging The Music. I ran across your music online and I wanted to see if you would be interested in playing our event, the Florida Solo Artist Awards on July 31st at 1904 Music Hall. This is a great opportunity for you, as solo performer, to shine on stage and network with other local solo artists. You'll get paid, we give away 35 hours of recording time, and a headlining show. A portion of ticket sales will also be donated to an awesome organization called Songs of Love.
Our production company is all about helping musicians grow and this is an awesome way to kick that off. I would like to talk with you more about getting booked for this event. Please get back to me with the best phone number and time to reach you so we can discuss details for the show. This show is coming up soon so please get in touch with as soon as possible. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!
Kevin Tancredi720-316-7528www.bridgingthemusic.com

05.18.13Bret Beach

Hey John, I had wondered where you were these days after UT, and finally did a Google search for you. Love your music! i ordered a CD. Jazz is one of my favorite types of music. I'm in KingsportTN now and don't hear much of it live, but I lived in LA for 6 years where I enjoyed quite a few concerts and jazz on the radio. I don't keep with many of the CAmpus Crusade folks much except for Chip Bachelder, and I know he sees Tony & Laura when he's around. Maybe I can catch a concert of yours if my famiiy & I get to N. Florida one of these days. Take care, Bret Beach

05.08.13Dave Mosick

HI John
my wife and I will be dog / house sitting in St augustine Florida from may 9 to 18, Do you have any public gigs during this time period ? can you suggest any clubs or musicians to check out ? Mostly interested in Jazz.
thanks !

03.19.13Anita Morrill

Good Morning John,
Angela Atkins said she had spoken with you regarding your jazz trio performing at an upcoming event on Wednesday, April 17th at the downtown Jacksonville Bank Building (9th Floor). The event will begin at 4:45 p.m.- approximately 7 p.m.
I will be handling logistics for the event, please confirm your availability, price and any special requirements you and your band may need.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Warmest Regards,
Anita Morrill
Empty Nest Boutique Events, Inc.

01.18.13Heather Heath

Hi John,
it's been awhile but thought it would be great to bring you back to Jazz in the Park on St Simons Island if you are still in the area and interested. Send me an email either way.
Thank you so much,

12.07.12Ginger Readdick with the Woodbine Womans Club

We are holding a Jazz festival on the river walk, in March. Our budget has been seriously cut and we have decided this year to hold a competion with Amateurs and prize money. We are looking for talented muscicians that want experience, and any ideas to help our efforts in bring culture(jazz) to our small community.
Woodbine, Georgia is located close to the Ga/Fla line off of 17.
Thank you,

Ginger Readdick (Arts Chair) (706) 410-5423
Nice Music!

07.25.12Scott LarCross

I kee seeing you post on Facebook, but never see where you are going to be?
Please inform me of anything entertaining this weekend!!
Scott LaCross

07.06.12David Jamison

I couldn't find an email address. This is the only way I knew how to contact you. I wanted to know if you are still teaching private lessons. Please contact me at the following email address. davidjamison65@gmail.com Thanks


06.05.12Robert Mitchell

Hey, im a senior at Douglas Anderson and i was hoping to set uo an audition for JU school of music. How could i go about doing that >

05.21.12Jeanine McGuire

Hi John,

Enjoyed your music and your website. I was searching the web to find someoone who teaches jazz and saxophone in Jacksonville. I see that you teach at the college level.. Any chance that you also do private lessons? I'm looking for a teacher for my daughter, a musician attending LaVilla School of the Arts. She is a new member of the jazz band and will be playing Alto Sax (her primary instruments are flute and piano). I realize you might be a level higher than she is now, but thought it was worth a try! And, hope to see you play in town sometime soon!

Jeanine McGuire

04.22.12Miguel Alvarado

Hey John,
I can't tell you how nice it was to see you a couple weeks ago. Like I told you my wife and I are working towards being able to move over to Jax. Your wife and Nolita are beautiful. I really glad to see your doin well bro. Take care papo

11.04.11Matt Grondin

Send me your contact info man!

10.05.11Sam Rule

Good afternoon,

My name is Sam Rule and I am a student enrolled at the University of Tennessee. I am currently working on a historical research paper regarding jazz music in Knoxville. I am looking for the history of jazz music here at the University of Tennessee and the contributions it has made. I read that you studied under Jerry Coker and was wondering if you have any information or know any contacts that could help provide some information, I would greatly appreciate the help.

09.18.11vanessa Lukas

I saw you in a trio that performed a great set at the Jazz Festival this past spring. We are looking for music for the background to dinner then following, more upbeat, for Saturday evening Oct. 8.
This is part of a fundraising event for the White Oak Conservation Center which is being hosted here by our good friend Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Scott Giddons has been here a few times and of course if he is not already booked I would love to have him with you.
Inany case, If you are available, let's talk. I realize this is last minute, but c'est la vie - it was just handed off to me...


Hello John - just bought and downloaded the track Mode Time from cdbaby. Sounds great! Wondering if you'd be interested in letting us play the track on our November edition of the Palm Coast Jazz podcast? It would be the leadoff track, we announce title, artist, musicians, website and where it can be purchased, as well as on the playlist at Podomatic. Our 1st edition peaked at #14 ranking in jazz category, and had downloads from all over the world - especially Hungary, Italy and of course here in the US. Just let me know at this email address - and if so, would you be willing to send a wav file - which will sound so much superior to the mp3. You can do that at our dropbox here: http://soundcloud.com/sevenoctaves . Thanks John. All the best - Kenny


Hello John,
We are a group of hair stylists who are looking for just the type of music you play! We'd love to come see you guys play to help up unwind. Could you please add us to your email list so we can come see you when you play! Thanks so much.

Synerge Salon

07.25.11Glenn Morrissette

Hi John,

You don't know me -- my name is Glenn Morrissette and I'm a tenor player (quasi-based in Los Angeles, but mostly on the road these days). Anyway, I'm going to be in St. Augustine for the next few weeks helping my mom recover from a health setback, and I'm hoping there's some sort of scene in the Jacksonville area that I can check out while here. I did a bit of Googling, came across your web site, and figured I'd say hi and see if you might be able to point me towards any jam sessions happening in the area, or anything else that's worth checking out. I've been down here over a week now, and am seriously itching to play, so would really appreciate any help you might be able to offer this total (albeit completely harmless) stranger!!


06.14.11Jim Rubin

Do you do lessons outside of your JU duties. I am an old guy that used to play alto years ago, lost my job 3 years ago and picked up the horn after forever. Bought a tenor ,recently sold my alto and bought a soprano. I have been taking some lessons w/ someone here and thought a little time spent with a tenor plaer wouldn't hurt.I have some mouthpiece and emboucher questions but mostly I just want to learn and get better. thanks jim rubin

06.01.11Todd Mason

John, I would like to see your upcoming local schedule if possible. If on your site I cannot find, only see past shows. I am a friend of your father-in-law, and you have actually been to my house a while back. I caught about an hour of your show on Saturday at the JazzFest and enjoyed it. Would like to see more if possible. If you can add to mailing list of local shows that would be grat also.

Thanks, Todd Mason

03.19.11Tom Johnson

Hey John!
I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry to pass along bad news via email, but Bill Scarlett's health is declining fairly rapidly. He was taken off chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer a few weeks ago and put on home hospice care. He's not in pain, but probably doesn't have much time left. If you'd like to get in touch with him or Becky, you can try calling 865-522-8256. Their address is 509 18th St., Knoxville, Tn.

Best wishes,

Tom Johnson

01.28.11Stephan Bowen

Hi, Mr. Ricci. A while ago, I played with Scott Giddens in a gig that my teacher, Vann Thornton arranged and Scott reccommended that I try to go the University of Jacksonville and spoke quite highly of you. As a junior, I was wondering if you had any tips on preparing for an audition or being a lead alto player (I am lead in my school and we are going to Savannah for the Swing Central Jazz Competition in late March and don't want to disappoint. Thanks in advance!

01.21.11rusty holloway

you sound great!
iwas talking to will boyd who told me you frequently play the charleston/savannah area...i have relatives in charleston and as i am playing out more, i would dearly love an opportunity to hit with you in that area sometime...the money is not important, its the quality of life...
anyhow, great to hear you...

01.20.11Randy Masciana

Please let us know when you are playing again!

10.28.10Randy Masciana

Connie and I really enjoyed your trio at The Grape last weekend (and we enjoyed talking with you at the break, as well)! Please let me know where you will be playing in the future.

10.18.10Ross Brown

Found your website by searching for musicians connected to Ernie Ealum. i could use a four piece band of musicians to back my performance of classic R&B and Motown tunes on Hilton Head Island... Please call (843) 342-5228

08.07.10Javier Ramirez

For how long will you be teaching at UNF? I ask because I'm considering the school to finish my undergrad. I moved to Miami and studied with Ed Calle, Gary Keller, and Gary Campbell at F.I.U. but have been working for Celebrity Cruises for 2 years. What do you think of the program there? Thanks, Javier Ramirez

06.23.10Charlie Boyer

We just wanted to let you know that Bob Weinberg, our contributing editor, selected you as a Spotlight Feature in our July edition. If you wish to supplement this free promotion with additional paid promotion, we are currently working on ad placements.


06.09.10Yeon/Hello Music

Hey John,

My name is Yeon, and I listened to some of your music on your website.

I really liked your music, and I'm quite amazed by the excellence of performance and your profound interpretation of jazz tunes. Kudos for great work!

I work for this new music company called Hello Music.
What we do is find excellent musicians like you and to help them be heard by more people.
And I'd like to invite you to upload some of your songs on the website.

Our goal is to provide great artists with valuable tools and connections in the industry.  
You upload your music – at no cost, and we'll listen to every track, 
and we'll match you with some opportunities including licensing, music placement in media, tour and promotion, etc. 

So yeah, please check out http://hellomusic.com
and shoot me an email at yeon@hellomusic.com
and let me know what you think of us!

And again, thank you so much for your great music.
I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you soon!


05.06.10Gary Thomas


It's been a while, I hope you are doing well. As you may know, I am going to be in Jax this summer living with my parents; I would love to meet up play some jazz if you have the time; likewise, if you ever need me for any gigs, please give me a call 352-316-3084.

Best of wishes,


p.s. Sell that condo yet? haha jk

11.04.09Jennifer Northcutt Breunig

Hi John, Please let me know if you ever plan any performances in Europe. Unfortunately I won't make it to your dates in Florida this winter. Good luck and all the best . Jennifer Breunig (Northcutt)