I do enjoy maintaining a private studio outside of my teaching load at Jacksonville University to anyone seeking to take their playing to a new personal best. I find it most effective to customize instruction to the needs of each individual, and am happy to address the outcomes of those seeking instruction/facilitation in further developing applied technique, building blocks and language of the improvised solo, jazz theory, and jazz composition.

My approach is based on the rhythmic -not just harmonic- beauty of the jazz language, and emphasizes the importance of listening and emulation.

I teach at my studio here in Jacksonville to those interested locally, and am happy to also coordinate lessons through Skype or Facetime if distance is an issue.

I also try to keep my rates competitive, reasonable, and within industry standard.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions by leaving me a note on the guestbook, or simply email me:

Hope to hear from you, and best wishes!